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Puredrive Energy Hybrid Battery

Install Solar Ltd, are happy to announce that we have partnered with Pure Drive Energy to become suppliers and installers of their state of the art hybrid solar batteries. These incredible energy-saving batteries have been described as ‘the best combination of battery & hybrid inverter available on the market’ by the SolarGuide comparison website.
And now we can offer them to you!
Hybrid solar panel battery

State of the Art Solar Panels

Our new range of top of the line PureStorage solar batteries utlise state of the art technologies.
Protect your home from power cuts, monitor your home energy consumption remotely and save even more on your bills with the greenest solar panels on the market.

PS II DC connected Hybrid (5kWh)

PureStorage II DC Hybrid, uses the safest and highest performing lithium-ion-phosphate battery cells, with 1C operation, 10,000 cycles and with a high charge and discharge rate capability.
It is compatible with leading inverters on the market, including; Solis, Victron & Imeon. Comparison sites describe it as the best hybrid solution on the market when combined with a Solis inverter.
It incorporates a modular design, allowing 5 off 5kWh systems to be connected together, providing a high level of capacity flexibility from 5kWh to 25kWh. It is water proof at IP67 and can be installed indoor or outdoors. It’s elegant and simple design is aesthetically pleasing and provides a very quick and simple installation.

PS II AC connected package (5kWh OR 10kWh)

Puredrive Energy’s battery storage system is a fully integrated AC battery system for residential use. It’s a British product and uses the safest and highest performing lithium-ion-phosphate battery cells.

It provides energy storage for your home and includes a time- based control system.

Its elegant design and simple connection to the home enables the home owner to monitor remotely, and realise the benefits of reduced bill costs and clean green power.

PS II Three Phase (10kWh)

The PS II Three Phase also connects directly to the distribution board and is ideal for large homes or small scale commercial systems. It comes in the same enclosure as the single phase system.
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