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Solar panels installations

Solar Energy For All in the UK

Install Solar Ltd was founded in Livingston with one basic foundational principle at its heart: to bring renewable energy into people’s daily lives in a seamless and efficient way. We want to make positive environmental change simple and accessible. With an experienced team of designers and installers and a broad network of solar equipment suppliers on hand, we are fully capable of providing solar energy alternatives to both commercial and domestic properties in an efficient and minimally disruptive manner.
Simple solar installation

“Going Solar Made Simple”

The world’s oil and fossil fuel reserves are slowly being depleted, and so it is of crucial importance to find and integrate alternative energy sources into people’s daily routines, and slowly begin to phase out traditional sources of energy. Solar power has emerged as one of the leading and most viable alternative sources of energy – it is not just easily replenished and stored, but is also hugely cost-efficient and will actually work to save its users money over the long term.

We at Install Solar Ltd want to make going solar simple and accessible. We are not content with loudly proclaiming a mission statement about making the world a better place – we take proactive steps towards actually realising environmental improvement and making the process easy and viable at scale through out the whole of Scotland.

Full Service Installers

Install Solar Ltd has a full service team on hand for all your solar panels and battery installation and maintenance requirements. Our surveying team will make sure to precisely assess your property and ensure proper, cost-efficient and lasting solar panels installation.

Have any questions about our ‘solar energy for all’ approach? Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 211 8557